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Retractable Lifeline works on Roof

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2022-02-15

High altitude anti falling system works on the roof

Safety protection system for high-altitude operation to ensure the safety of staff life and property

The safety belt protection system device of kaitaer high-altitude fall arrester, also known as horizontal lifeline system, is an anchoring device, which is composed of anchor point support and horizontal cable (mainly steel cable), that is, the so-called horizontal lifeline, or safety line. This device, usually permanently fixed to a structure, aims to ensure that one or more people can work safely at a height where there is a possibility of falling, and provide them with a more free space for movement.

It can be installed in straight line, curve and other ways. The main components of the system include: sliding shuttle, energy buffer, middle support and end support. The horizontal lifeline can provide a perfect solution for the safety protection of high-altitude installation, maintenance and cleaning.

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