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Kaitaer Artificial Intelligence lifting electric hoist

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2022-02-18

Artificial Intelligent control is the core in the Kaitaer intelligent lifting device series. 

The industry-leading servo motor drive system and combination of precision planetary gear reducer realize the material handing and assembly of high speed, precision and safety, which provide a real choice for the company to significantly improve production efficiency and reduce the human cost.

Servo Motor

Industry leading servo motor drive system, sense your operations accurately with large lifting force.

Breakthrough the dual-speed mode of the traditional high-end lifting device. The intelligent lifting device can run at any speed you need without exceeding the maximum operating speed.

Anti-rotation wire rope

The aircraft anti-rotation wire rope is stronger than normal wire ropes and can prevent the goods from rotation. high wear resistance, more than 5-year life.

Sliding handle

Displacement sensing handle, control the lifting speed by measuring the displacement of your hand. Human body engineering makes the operators more comfortable and improves the accuracy. Photoelectric induction device installed inside the handle, protect the operator and cargo.

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