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How to Conduct the Breaking Force Testing of Lifting Belts

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-08-12

Before leaving the factory, any lifting appliance must undergo a particularly important process, which is the breaking force test, and the lifting strap is no exception. Generally speaking, the breaking force test is to measure the amount of force required to completely break the lifting strap through testing, because there is a qualified standard for the strength of the lifting strap. So how is this test carried out?


The first step is the sampling process, where the samples taken must come from the inspected batch of products and represent the overall quality level of the batch of products; Then fix the sampling lifting strap to the tension testing machine equipment, and ensure that the connection is secure and the safety protection is in place. Then, gradually apply tension to the lifting belt through a tensile testing machine until the lifting belt is completely disconnected. Finally, observe the force data transmitted to the computer terminal at this time, which is the breaking force of the lifting belt.

If the force data of the lifting belt when it breaks reaches the standard value, the entire batch of lifting belts passes the test. If the standard value is not reached, the entire batch of lifting belts must be scrapped. This is the rigorous production process of lifting belts, and the strict breaking force testing process in the entire production process of lifting belts.