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Precautions for using hand chain hoist hooks on construction sites

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-09-06

On construction sites, chain hoists are used to lift heavy objects and install equipment. Chain hoists are assembled from multiple components, including upper and lower hooks. The hook is an important accessory of a chain hoist, and what precautions should be taken when using the hook.

Chain hoist hook

Precautions for using hooks:

1. The hook must be forged from a whole piece of negative material, and casting is not allowed. The surface should be smooth and free from defects such as cracks, scratches, peeling, obtuse angles, and repair welding is not allowed.

2. Welding hooks and steel hooks are not allowed.

3. The hook should not be hard or twisted during use. To avoid deformation or detachment of the hook.

4. The hook should have a load-bearing capacity and should not slide freely.

5. A hook safety device must be installed to prevent unhooking.

6. Regularly inspect the hook body to check for cracks, deformation, and wear. If any of the above situations occur, it must be replaced immediately.