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Kaitaer Aluminum Alloy Chain Tightener

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2022-02-18


Applied to tighten cables in power line construction, adjust sag, pull wire and other work

Widely used in electric power, shipbuilding, transportation, construction, mineral, post and telecommunications, and communications

Lifting small items, part drawing, etc, especially in small workplaces, wild, aerial work and different angles traction, it has the unique superiority

Main body uses high strength magnesium alloy

The chain is made of high strength alloy steel, can be customized different length

Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, simple maintenance and durable

The hand force is small, high work efficiency

Small size, light weight, easy to carry


1). It's widely used for stringing, sag adjustment, staying wire in power line construction, and for equipment installation in fields such as electrical power, ship building, transportation, building construction, mining, communication, as well as lifting, pulling.

2). It enjoys exceptional advantages particularly for pulling at any angles in every limited narrow workplace, field operation, aloft work.

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