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Installation method of hand cranked winch

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2024-06-21

Hand cranked winch is a small lifting equipment with a large load-bearing capacity and simple operation. How to install a hand cranked winch before using it?

The manual winch mainly consists of a handle, a base, a steel wire rope, a winch drum, and large and small gears. The base plays a stabilizing role, and the cable reel is directly fixed to the base. Therefore, when fixing the base and cable reel, the fasteners must be tightened, and if necessary, tools can be used to ensure safety during use. The handle is also fixed on the base to provide power for gear rotation. The connection is subjected to significant force, so it should also be tightened to avoid loosening and accidents.

Hand cranked winch

The steel wire rope of the hand cranked winch plays a role in pulling heavy objects. During installation, one end is fixed on the winch drum and the other end is fixed with a hook. There are circular holes on the winch drum for its installation, and it must be fixed firmly with hexagonal nuts to avoid loosening and causing looseness during use; Also, it is important to note that the steel wire rope should be wrapped around the cable reel in a regular sequence, so that it is not easy to slip during use and the rope can be pulled out more smoothly. After installation, it is necessary to carefully check whether manual testing is reliable before it can be used for construction operations.

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