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How to accurately measure the running speed of electric hoists

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2024-07-03

The operating speed of an electric hoist has a standard value. To ensure that the operating speed of an electric hoist is within the standard range, speed testing is an indispensable step before leaving the factory. The so-called operating speed of an electric hoist is the lateral movement speed of the electric hoist on the I-beam. The specific speed measurement is carried out in this way.

Electric hoist

We need to conduct tests on I-beams at rated voltage, rated frequency, and rated lifting capacity. Before the experiment, it is necessary to ensure that the track is flat to avoid impurities on the track that may affect the running speed and cause deviation. The static deflection at the mid span of the track should be less than L/1000 (L is the distance between the support points of the track).

During testing, mark two points on the track that are not less than 2 meters apart. The timing starts when the electric hoist runs normally to the mark, and ends when it reaches another mark. The running speed is calculated and measured four times, taking the average value to ensure the accuracy of the data.

This is the entire testing method and process for the running speed of electric hoists. Generally speaking, the running speed of electric hoists is 20 (30) m/min. Within this value, it can be basically ensured that there is no problem with the running speed of the electric hoist.

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