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The structure of the rescue tripod

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-08-23

The rescue tripod adopts a retractable triangular bracket, which generally has specific professional special devices, the most important of which include lifting and lowering devices.

Rescue tripod

The main structure and characteristics of the rescue tripod are composed of manual or electric winches (winches), slings, pulleys, etc.

The rescue tripod is made of high-strength lightweight alloy with retractable legs, with a safety factor greater than 10, and the feet are equipped with a circular protective chain;

The winch is equipped with self-locking devices for lifting and lowering, ensuring the safety of the sling;

The sling is made of specially made stainless steel wire rope, which has good flexibility and will not be damaged by rust or oil shortage;

Convenient assembly, can be installed at the wellhead and pit mouth according to local conditions, and is not limited by the uneven ground.

The rescue tripod has a simple structure and is easy to carry, making it suitable for various work situations. By using the rescue tripod, workers can quickly be placed underground with a narrow space, making it easy to move up and down, safe and reliable.