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How to use a hand winch

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-11-04

The hand winch is a manual lifting tool that can be used alone or installed on a tripod. The hand winch has a large load-bearing capacity, a simple structure, and is frequently used in many workplaces.

The hand winch is made of metal and mainly consists of a handle, cable drum, steel wire rope, hook, gear, and base. It pulls heavy objects by using the hand handle to drive the winch drum, and can also be used in conjunction with pulleys and slings.

Hand winch

The steel wire rope of the hand cranked winch is coiled on the winch drum, with one end fixed to the base and one end connected to the hook. When in use, the steel wire rope is pulled out to fix the hook on the pulled object. Then, by manually shaking the handle, the gear will drive the winch drum to rotate and pull the steel wire rope wrapped around it to pull the object. Moreover, there is an automatic braking device. If the winch drum needs to stop rotating the steel wire rope, the meshing between gears can be used to keep the winch drum stationary and achieve braking function, making operation safer.