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Zhexing machinery welcomes the Lantern Festival

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2022-02-15

Today is our traditional festival, the Lantern Festival.

Lantern Festival, one of the traditional festivals in China, is also known as Shangyuan Festival, little first month, new year's Eve or Lantern Festival. On the eve of the Lantern Festival, Zhejiang Machinery launched the activity of "celebrating reunion and wrapping dumplings" to welcome the Lantern Festival.

At nine o'clock yesterday morning, representatives of all departments began to prepare materials such as glutinous rice flour and bean paste stuffing. The scene was lively. Everyone talked and laughed and began to wrap dumplings. They were enthusiastic and energetic. At the event site, everyone has a clear division of labor, and some are serious and face-to-face; Some knead the blended dough, cut it into sections and press it into dough; Others put the stuffed dough in the palm of their hand and rub it round. With tacit understanding, we rubbed, kneaded, pressed and regimented pieces of white glutinous rice noodles into a ball in the hands of employees, one by one, and many "small dumplings" appeared in front of us.

The activity of staff wrapping dumplings on the Lantern Festival not only enriched the spiritual civilization life of the staff, but also created a happy, civilized, peaceful, warm and harmonious festival atmosphere, so that the majority of employees of Zhexing machinery had a warm, pleasant and peaceful Lantern Festival in advance. I wish you a happy Lantern Festival and a happy family!

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