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214 sweet gifts for Valentine's Day

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2022-02-15

February 14, 2022

The annual Valentine's Day is coming again

Kaitaer carefully prepared Valentine's Day gifts for department employees.

Colleagues from the personnel department of Zhejiang Zhexing machinery company have prepared red roses and chocolate gift boxes for everyone in advance. I hope that in the new year, everyone will cherish the time with their boyfriend / girlfriend; I hope my colleagues can have a good harvest in love and career.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the God of love, ran among the roses in order to find her lover Adonis. The rose pierced her hand and her leg, and the fresh blood dropped on the petals of the rose. The White Rose became red, and the red rose became a symbol of faithful love. Since then, on February 14 every year, the Western Valentine's day, countless men and women swimming in the river of love send their sweetheart red roses. Ketal Department has prepared the rose of love for everyone. Give it to your sweetheart after work. Finally, I sincerely wish lovers all over the world get married!

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