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Product characteristics of a straight type winch

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-08-12

The straight type winch is suitable for various work occasions, capable of easily and quickly lifting and dragging heavy objects, with simple operation, safety and reliability.

One line winch

The copper core motor of the straight type winch increases the heat dissipation air outlet, ensuring good heat dissipation and continuous operation without damaging the motor. Mechatronic integrated internal cone braking, automatic braking after power failure. Thickening and strengthening the drum, assembling fixed clips, locking the steel wire rope, making it more stable to use. The large drum has a large capacity and a wider range of use. The gearbox body and cover are made of standard steel to protect the tight assembly of internal parts. The channel steel base adopts a welded structure to prevent loosening and effectively enhance stability.

The straight type winch is designed reasonably and has high work efficiency. It is widely used in power, bridges, buildings, mines, ports, and other places, bringing many conveniences to people's production and life.