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What are the types of hooks

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-08-28

Hook is one of the important accessories of lifting machinery equipment, and different types of hooks are matched with different mechanical equipment. Different forging methods produce different types of hooks. So how many types of hooks are there?


Hook is one of the essential components of lifting machinery, and according to its shape, it can be divided into single hook and double hook; It can be further divided into forged hooks and sheet hooks through manufacturing methods. The single hook is easy to manufacture and use, and is commonly used for lifting light objects; Double hooks are used to lift heavy objects.

Generally, forged single hooks are mainly used for lifting cranes weighing less than tons, while double hooks are used for lifting cranes weighing between 50 tons and 100 tons; The single hook is used for lifting 75 tons to 350 tons, and the double hook is used for lifting cranes with a load of over 100 tons.

The cross-sectional shape of the hook body can be divided into circular, square, trapezoidal, and zigzag shapes. Based on the analysis of the stress situation, the cross section of the shape is reasonable, but the forging process is complex. The stress on the trapezoidal section is reasonable, and the forging is easy. The rectangular (square) section is only suitable for sheet shaped hooks, but the disadvantage is that the load-bearing capacity of the section is not fully utilized, and the volume is bulky. The circular section is only used for small electric hoist hooks. The tail of forged lifting hooks is commonly used with triangular threads, which have severe stress concentration and are prone to fracture at cracks. Therefore, the tail of large hooks often adopts trapezoidal or serrated threads.