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How much do you know about the installation location of the winch?

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-08-26

For the installation position of non-standard winches, some customers believe that they can be randomly placed in one place, as long as it can ensure the normal operation of the winch. Now we tell everyone that this is incorrect, as there are certain requirements for the installation position of the winch. Let's take a look together.

Non standard winch

1. The winch should be selected in a high and stable area to prevent displacement.

2. During installation, check if the direction of the drum is correct.

3. The location where work is carried out must be far away from hazardous areas and areas where building materials are piled up, ensuring that the personnel conducting the operation can clearly see the commanding personnel and the lifted goods.

Based on the above understanding, we hope that in future work, users can install non-standard winches in the correct position according to the requirements of the above points.