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How to lift heavy objects with hydraulic jacks

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-09-28

Hydraulic jacks are different from other lifting machinery in that there are basically no transmission parts such as gears inside. So how does a hydraulic jack lift a heavy object?

hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jacks use oil as a medium to transmit power through the principle of different pressure levels in sealed spaces of different volumes, ultimately achieving the effect of users using only a small amount of force to repeatedly lift the handle to lift heavy objects. When the user lifts the handle, the small piston inside the hydraulic jack is driven up to suck out the oil from the tank. At this point, the user only needs to press down on the handle with a small force to squeeze the extracted oil into the hydraulic cylinder. As the handle is continuously lifted and pressed down, the oil is continuously pressed from the oil tank into the hydraulic cylinder. The pressure inside the hydraulic cylinder continues to increase, and the large piston is gradually pushed up, ultimately lifting the heavy object.

In principle, hydraulic jacks use liquid pressure to convert the power of the lifting handle into the power of lifting heavy objects. So hydraulic jacks can allow users to lift several tons or even tens of tons of heavy objects with just manual lifting of the handle.

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