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Characteristics of claw type jacks

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-09-28

Claw jack is a lightweight lifting device that is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and more convenient to use compared to traditional lifting devices. Claw type jacks can make different adjustments based on the height of the lifted object, which is a feature that other jacks do not have. In addition, claw type jacks have many other characteristics.

Claw type

1. The smaller size of the claw jack means it can be suitable for more working environments. In terms of design, it also has handles that can be used to lift and place, which brings great convenience to users.

2. The quality of the claw jack has also been greatly improved, ensuring safety during use.

3. The service life of the claw jack is also guaranteed, and special processing has been carried out on the parts that are prone to wear and tear, avoiding damage in daily use.

There are also many classifications for claw type jacks, which can be divided into domestic and imported ones according to their production location; Due to different usage scenarios, it can be divided into movable claw type jacks, corrosion-resistant claw type jacks, corrosion-resistant claw type jacks, claw type jacks with gauges, separated claw type jacks, etc. When purchasing, we need to make choices based on our actual needs, in order to ensure the reasonable and safe use of tools.