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What type of steel wire rope is generally used for a winch

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-09-17

As is well known, a winch is a lifting equipment that relies on steel wire ropes to lift heavy objects. Its lifting cannot be separated from ropes. The steel wire ropes are soft, wear-resistant, and impact resistant, and can be tied and pulled, making the equipment more convenient to lift. But because there are many types of ropes, which type of steel wire rope is used?


There are generally three types of wire ropes: ordinary wire ropes, composite wire ropes, and closed wire ropes. Ordinary steel wire rope is woven from six strands of steel wire with the same diameter and an oily organic rope core, consisting of a total of 37 steel wire ropes and 6 small strands. Composite steel wire rope is woven from 6 or more strands of steel wire rope with different diameters and an oily organic or inorganic rope core. A closed wire rope is made by weaving a special method, consisting of an outer layer of irregular steel wire and an inner bundle of wire with a diameter of the same diameter.

The above three types are commonly used steel wire ropes for winches, each of which has strong load-bearing capacity and can be selected according to needs.