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Fixing method of chain electric hoist

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-09-06

There are two types of electric hoists: chain electric hoists and wire rope electric hoists. The installation and fixation methods of these two types of lifting equipment are different. Here, we will briefly explain the approximate methods.


1. Chain electric hoist: The fixing device of the machine body is a hook, which is consistent with the hooks on ordinary chain hoists and chain hoists. The hook can be hung in a stable and suitable position for operation;

2. Wire rope electric hoist: The fixing method of the machine body is to use two string nails or small bearings to pierce, and then fix it on the I-beam.

Understanding the structure of the machine body is crucial for faster installation and fixation. Through a simple explanation, we hope everyone can understand how to install these two types of hoists.