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Structural characteristics of micro electric hoists

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-09-17

Micro electric hoist is a commonly used small lifting tool with low noise, high efficiency, and other characteristics, suitable for use in factories, materials, power plants, repair garages, and other places.

Micro electric hoist

The micro electric hoist adopts a copper core motor with strong power. The copper core motor has good heat dissipation, stable speed, and is not easy to burn; The electric hoist also has an overheating protection function. When the motor reaches its characteristic temperature, it will automatically power off, greatly improving the safety of tool use and avoiding fire hazards. Micro electric hoist with increased fan design, powerful power, fast heat dissipation, and extended service life; The anti impact top limiter prevents the steel wire rope from swinging left and right when lifting goods. When the goods reach the limit point, the motor automatically powers off to prevent damage to the machine; The gearbox gears and gear shafts are forged from alloy steel and undergo heat treatment, making them sturdy and wear-resistant; The handle switch and wireless remote control configuration make the use of the micro electric hoist more convenient.

The design of the micro electric hoist is reasonable, with a simple structure, and each structural design has its own characteristics, making the use of the micro electric hoist safer and more efficient.