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How to control the lifting operation with a chain hoist

Source:China Kaitaer Official Website    Release date:2023-11-02

The lever gourd can quickly lift or lower heavy objects, which is both safe and labor-saving. So how does the lever gourd achieve this operation?

lever block

The position of the handle of the hand lever gourd has a movable lever, which is a component that controls the direction of the gourd. Move the lever to the top, press the lever, and the weight will rise. Adjust the lever to the bottom, press the lever, and the weight will fall. If the lever is adjusted to the middle, it will be in an unloaded state. At this time, you can freely pull the chain and adjust the distance between the upper and lower hooks.

The lever gourd is used to achieve lifting and lowering operations by adjusting the speed, which is simple, safe, and convenient to operate.